With the Internet of Things (IoThings) the world becomes more and more connected. This is your opportunity to have a memorable single word domain name in the gdn (global domain name) extension. It would be perfect for an IoThings startup company or a consultant acting in this space. Of course the word connects is generic, and could be used in other contexts, such as a person that helped facilitate collaborations, or an organization that worked to overcome social isolation.

Bullet Memorable domain name with gdn (global domain name) extension.
Bullet Establish instant credibility with a short, descriptive domain name.
Bullet Third party estimates of worth are Estibot ($770) and GoValue ($272) - check for any changes.
Bullet The name is currently registered until Jan 31, 2019, and renews at standard .gdn rates.
Bullet Only available for Alpnames push to new owner's account until end of March.

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