This short, memorable domain name could be used in multiple ways. The word "geni" could be interpreted as shorthand for genetic, and would work well for a club devoted to new techniques in genetic editing for medical treatments, or for genetic means of establishing ancestry. Alternatively, if the word is viewed as shorthand for genius, the domain fits perfectly for a club devoted to high intelligence individuals, or a club for sharing ideas on assisting mental development in children. Another possibility would be as shorthand for genie, in which case it could be used by a philanthropic organization that assists others with achieving their dreams.

Bullet A short, memorable domain name is important to any organization or business.
Bullet The domain name is registered until Feb 16. 2019, and renews at standard .club rates.
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Bullet Third party automated estimates of worth for the domain are $1500 (Estibot) and $687 (GoDaddy GoValue) - check for possible changes.
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