In recent decades positive psychology research has clearly made the case that being happy helps pave the way for a creative, productive and satisfying career and life. As the best selling book The Happiness Advantage pointed out, traditionally the argument of work hard, achieve and then be happy has it reversed. There is renewed interest in how to be happy. This domain name combines the word happy with the symbol for a grinning face (XD).

Bullet The GoValue estimate of worth for the domain name is $1032 (check for possible changes if the information is important).
Bullet The domain name is currently registered until Feb 27, 2019, and it renews at standard .com rates.
Bullet A perfect name for a business, course, website, program, etc. that promotes happiness.
Bullet Combination of word happy with standard symbol (XD) for a grinning face (imagine it vertically, a smiling mouth and creased eyes).

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