This memorable domain name can be flexibly used in many contexts. For example, you might want to stress that each person is unique, just like each snowflake. Or perhaps you are a design professional and want to stress analogies between your work and the beauty of snowflakes. The name works for winter vacation sites, or literally for a photography or science site about snowflakes. The Estibot and GoValue worth estimates are both high ($600, $1000) compared to our asking price (potential purchasers should check these to obtain the most recent valuations).

Bullet The name snowflake has sold at high prices in multiple domains (e.g. $17,250 in .de; $15,500 in; $8,500 in .fr).
Bullet The domain name is currently registered until Jan. 20, 2019, and renews at standard .site prices.
Bullet The .site TLD is among the 10 most popular of the new gTLD, so has more public recognition than most.
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